Wednesday, February 22, 2012

at a swimming pool

at a swimming pool
the Sun does the talking

large breaths of light
can fill the lungs

burning holes in skin

to let the past flee
Tequila helps

with books opened
to no particular page reading


reading extremity
Mark Twain helps

with metaphor plaits
like tongues of light

stirring others tongues

to break the lines that divide

sounds from the water hippodrome
whispers everything

i dare not read long
because Water is cautious
the pursuit of knowledge can be a Dirty Game

but i'm not playing today

not today

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a blind man makes a cake

the blind sees the difference
between right

and what is left

to trickle down
between cracks strategic

between lemons wedges modified

between jet fume air surprise
because the colors are absent

and the pilot flies
spreading message assistant
for reference

blending horoscopes
with coffee makes the mind wonder

like egg whites foaming, with plenty of air
between thoughts

to keep the conversation light
but it makes the cake rise

and no one likes a flat cake