Friday, September 25, 2015


The diliversence  ring sound  And yet not

The  hight  And the light

Low and balence best   
Yes please  your best

                      The wonting blackeyes

You are diliverece

Clever people
Out side relavent multiple calafact
Usefully salamander relevence

                    Sugar rose  aptitude

Diliverance I'm the cause
         Clever people only think they are
If it's right

Friday, September 4, 2015

Pole dust necessarily

Love could be fuck if we let.
       It could be diner
It can be dinner if one has enough money.

     And money is a condom  being taken off

                Or a cock inside

                      with eyes closed  head turned to                         the   side saying not you   and this                       is ok for                   now

    Love can be sacked stacks

        of meaned fellow       won't nothing more
Then there was one

         And Billions

                      Love can be the Wide the waidger on takes   at first light     the window is drawn     escapest  tapestry  willow black inside       shining what ever Coler is called for  

               Color has no room  ill difined

Polite ignorance    worship those that have

       Ignorance       is contexts  

Never mind the thought

 that doesn't and can.  The mind has trouble with this.  

And its other.