Thursday, February 13, 2014

of californ

of californ   your nature is your virtue     your horizon is the sea

      feel your length and let it not be defined
                       here lies   a threshold   a suture and thread mid tangle
          a wordswoth sonnet iv of iii 
 beyond are words we have yet to speak

There    lays a fervent creature
        its essence disturbs  pythontically

              its belly in dark dirt-the skin of space
tongue eclipsed    seeking sense
            its Others        realistic      as it seems
                     Black and White

the essence pocket beat            as it can be scene
        or rather read
in  sacrifice        hair tangles in depths unseen
          frightened by color in depth

  of ambisonic ambiguity     shoulders shrug   dissonance
a universal smokers cough

of  california red         of   calories lost     & of toads

of californ         the black not  black enough  

           limping on the same crutch its fingers are
that is to say peeled                    legless or otherwise impaired

the white  gated malibu  street envious in street
gated in temples       or templates              between temples impaired

                an other wisdom               gated

to be white

defense is nature when  arteries blank
     its essence unclear

there she showed me a blade of sound

    a lower blade,   as it seems,
cows grazing tersely    a brand wearing things without tags

         from dusk till dawn        a callus on the other side of fingernails

a blade Whitman would enjoy
of californ what is your purpose

        Its essence  a ladybug in my head all winter

Saturday, February 8, 2014

eat your stake

we could be sitting in parks  wrestling
leave  pitch forks inside                   a pearling  closet
housed in its own wednesday

       left to the middle  Valencia
                     forgotten         left   amongst the liver and onions
if its the smell     we could lift the window

we could band     right handed words     left soaring   bouncing
empty hallway drum beat         bouncing celiphaholic pesticide

       casting eyes towards young boys            panting
justifying purity?          boasting bright red veins    eye mirrors

 as merry poppins  toting umbrellas

                         singing      the hills are alive with the sound of forgiveness
But  rather lay awake in Ginsbergs' splitended beardspread
             forgiving Alm                the way in which he breathed
                        Alm and the smell of the fatted calf melting
     its burning throat    as silent as    the rolled up tapestries

                      dusting, unseen in silver fed cloud strings
forgiving mercury    as Alm and Venetian silk      drapes of skin
    lost in the myth carrying the same name

eat your stake it's

their forgiveness      lend to          

a trollies bone yard  its there    
      or we could be sitting in parks
a breath lost             found in parks   their mills churning

       and be writers of words  sold in the good kind of secret

Sunday, February 2, 2014

in color the whole time

it seems
in order to contend

One must engage darkly
wearing sunglasses or what have You
and black and whit              details the brightest of colors
while being

in color the whole time

Saturday, February 1, 2014

smiling nothing on purpose

the vail of Albion has been concurred      in late      Fall like curls
curling    dry as broadway         and twice as loud

Its measure        selling  cellophanic blisters   popping when their supposed to
popping    like freshmen cherries     popping smiles

                     (and a star explodes a billion light years

every time you care to look)

As socially determined               smiles go

                              smiling congressionally

 ad-hearing  to the highest bidder
smiling           Nothing        

          On Purpose

         smiling  dust mites    eating  black, tired irises
fostered in movement    

and the colors are like new

these boots where made for walking but you have to ask permission

and your        original                 likeness matched    anticipated/looked out for
                    your  edges bending in obedience                    

       widely acceptable with-in        pictures pending  
  a social joke   told time and time again

      an unseen voice    adhered to
like the voice of Our Mother            the Earth       only

the master has a clean wipe
and he cares not of You               and
                      the lamb IS laying down with a lion  

        who has learned how to nibble

                                                         instead of feasting
like a lover
      like the rainforest frog
like a tide         fucking the shoreline

milking sand     like scripture
milking time

 milking a time where the trees ask the leaves to bend
                             but this time the leafs don't deserve to know why

   and we are marked by what club       We       Belong to?

  marketed    then re-marketed         and the leafs      or the lambs             or the ledgers

      are coined lawless                 in percolation  
                        percolated       catalysts granting the sounds of wood and wind

sang purity        yet given into the plastic polar bear
     sown quietly

             like drive by movie makeout madness         settled

in motion picture sacrifice     in technicolor
written for          a lambs' masquerade

and the work is never done         the salt lick shrinking
in wind, in wont, in weaver and weave

                     because we are many
and we must Speak

we must Salivate
                             and not to the latest sunglassed sanctuary
but WE speak

                       like a mornings'        catered cafeteria
                  growing         without our ferried eyes

an  effortless dew

granting roots in spruce rooted villages   milking the grass

as It is       either green or gray  
           for there is no madness telling     a further madness       telling Not to wet
the land
that is not nature

that is not natural         and We should not do that