Thursday, December 22, 2016

Magic is easy and persuasion is to

It's a party so wear what everyone else is wearing        fit in to relax do what I say to be free                            do what I want you to
     do think what I want you to think steal your soul for me wrap it up easy bow and set before my feet      to feel
  Smile it's me the goon with the gun.  I know what I'm talking about     my Feet never touched the dirt I swear I'll save you from     use two inch words it's what everyone does                  the problem with death these days is that one doesn't die the goon just sinks others into the blank    
                Others eyes opened curious and listening    because there's noise    being board with a curious eye and a  closed    mind       Is all it takes to take       Having a gun to your head  like a joke and the flag reads            I am I am   Be back in five


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Goat cheese

I yell as it yells I toss as it tosses too and frow through it  all the while the growth is it on color   while having everything       I dont      The point takes its own down        dragon hole into the dark out side of     color because the dark is too yes        Context ill    considered             
      Structure undefined         but we and she is yes to and from here.  
            The blanket is      blind        can see if feel can.    The boast can see two feet nests if all             and the mind mound sees all it can                     to be punctual feed back it's strength and weakness all the same so there is some          Having

  sorting of mail to do.   Some               favorite pants on a rainy day                some clever dance while hand screen dances too               Canon clay            some decades past I'd be singing to the wine casts being too stone to be real.            And I know this is too blended to be a good wine  

                    The goat cheese has lost its value and I am lost.                  

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hello to it/ you

Hello to it/ you    through the finger lap upon lap of laps of death deaths gripping it's plastic death toned cylindrical stick    lapping sun in sparkle red lipsticks races caking  in creases between lip open one and lip open two  flapping   dead lips      and eyes              according to           accounting   ...the death worship makes its move to 
eyelip music manic tone depths tone deans....
                 Hello  it /you
Don't add your my or my you to its  no and or not yet but no any way it goes...

        And what about it
It doesn't matter because your wearing you lipstick and my left hand

                      You your garden breasts and me my no means no coughed up a decade ago in my own mouth I own it all
            You your t_shirts you have in drawers folded neatly you used to wear wore once
                            Me tskirts worn under button ups being quiet because that's my job

                      You later skin zs' faults of yes and no the way old cartoons used to do it    self giving into strength means space uninhabited while breathing in.
The space inside of you is not for

               Me so it's not for me but that doesn't mean I don't like you. Again.  there are parts of me that get along along again  

                                       And while we smile I look at my phone and not you  hello to it/ you

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dear Lilith

Dear Lilith your washer nuts are gripping thundered bolts of  lighting  illuminating nothing again       your beasts are tired and smiles long game venereal bits that's how it's played. The omegas play to ham sandwiches and guiltless Salome' s bowl full of gut and old Greece the way in which she fell      the Alfa dazed drone strike absent happy for more days like this one, fat and lazy craving positional joy stick g spot cock hanging out like it fashionable
a mouth foams for torn shoulders and  bent postures of what used to be called rational beings sold now as the weak of the week. Dear Lilith   your players are sipping blood from sippy cups and calling it Mead selling blank buzz to the religious  cults so blind they thank you for it  Giving fence its' own holiday calling it whatever makes them feel forgiven whatever  feels  right because he meets you where you are.   Call it a sacrament when they fill in the blanks  with blanks the minds closed so what's the difference.   Dear Lilith. it only takes a moment for the mind to catch up with passion so you stretch both.   minds eye stays busy with eyes stabled  keeping dabs on tabs.  Quinces in fences and locks in block instead of curled        eyes closed if at all possible just to birth passion once more from a different canal.   Dear Lilith your beasts are hired poker faces giving good face a little bit sad dreamer boy a little bit daddies home so hide you ass hole don't hurt me don't hurt me don't hurt don't hurt me
Dear Lilith your nails are eternal arrows growing comically large for the Bowman who still fingering them thread them and sending them on    they laugh and laugh and love and volley them  deathilly close to their own mouths for they are    both     aimed and starving.  Dear Lilith your tongues      grow wild amongst the wild fires making, growing fires of their own and you are happy

Sunday, August 28, 2016

I remembered that I forgot to remember the time that I remember that the milk is needed

           when I saw that I     had   I
I'ed become responsible  if I it I'll do        I it'll  do I  and did  and do  it best or    I it  ill and I'll say its weird                    for the I spooned I  it's mouth so that I could    it and I could Merry you and me         I it not ?     it hot    it not       I when not                 it is   not is       too not and it  so not   so is it        when no   
                               I    it's roots  is I obviously  smiles and everything.    I it's I when it    it      when is it not I not I not it     it   I not  hot I  it  not it    I    it not hot I it not is I  is         doberman     dog leader dog
I think they say alpha dog I the alpha dog I do this          and I  
                             does not believe the I I when I say that I is Darwin's I   when I I  it     I
And in the best of I it opted to    congeal    it's I        it had until time  had untill    now    then  the then is now and I is now and I have until I and it       we 
I remembered that i  forgot that   the milk was needed     
There is so much present  and or now if not and  if not  It  if not codex   if not continuance in presents  given to you when the I can't see or speak between things   dandelion    growing everyday.          when the you know you  the you knows    it doesn't     the      Is'  become     eyes     when I  and

     Its'  make eyes      
see each other      I and now         presenting     the visual present    it's not I  but I and you know     
                        And this is where i leaf you      because its fall       and    you know           cold                has nothing                too

        it and     with 
And     and with present      present you    
    has it      of course         

        the only mouth in gift     what light     the lit   candle  i           i   blew out   because you know            so   that out could be    out         i forgot its before so it       it's  I  and I did

                          and  wants  when now and you  and now it candle you
        When it's blowing out and on  is really a matter of     breath
I really   
                                  i mean every every ?     blow       below      what I currently mean       I mean blow       what I currently mean              I need to breath a breath        between blows of course with Buddha eye and or not     and or 
salivates to every  rubbery lover
     every robbery lover        every Arod 
Lover         ever  muscle lover   and every          and         and  lover  and     every      home  run lover rubber     rubber is plastic rubbing you       rubbing it
   loving Rome runs    and easy smiles

            Live this I love     you           live and know the difference,      when one is lost
It is  commercial          home runs and every    thing  you really can't tell
              The I is only belt when fuse
the decision       and known the    digital fuse  when fuse

     is             burt out in mid song
You had to go to the  fuse box and even then    it was easy...
lover  leading to free I for sir  I and tubing it     loving Rome      and  laying it      you  
                Free lay you     your   you            it      in I   the exhale                and take it captive 
And take it now the strong move obviously        weakness  death it        with you             not killing    while killing  something else

Loving Rome                  take it?
                               keep it soundless in a soundless nothing     total territory     

            Light steal never  before seen  Scene                       bewilderment   death  I needs breath     obviously
               It's  sack  keep and rape and kill and keep        give it silk        and sow    tunic     and rape              and tell others you have sown tunic and have    been gifted          you'd   which are described as I | ' | S   |     HAS      am    
you came upon the stump?,

                            so that you can dose it when when              I  tutor feel lime it    
    The time is right              Lead
                 by hear,
Toddler shorts

                             and cool shoes wearing jester knocked offs
       The only door that mattered
             Mattering  Meeting every last thing thong
S means kill everything else
  But now play      when play in dart S   when smiling   darts  with a lover   darts   side beside       my present 
                                 Gifting Jesus i loob         I and I     it sacrifice the sacrifice         
                         IS pleasant    light jingle jungle there are wolves for some of us  eating the is that don't matter 


Thursday, August 4, 2016

I sold I as as is to the lowest bidder asking the highest price

I  it full breath leave the rest to bum
        I took a pic of me I know what is what full breath       full breath  
            Like the rest of them 
And later    I   bumming I
       Hard capsules to see in color lasting
   In unkempt plaid I it full breath    and laid in ovarian peace breath leave   
I  Bought  and loved
An apology      I it full feels good as app                 feeling good   scrolls  bearded breath  bearded in sand because the quilts are coming with swords cutting red   
                         the hole time
   canning not  I  of course but o      as o can
  O  Can   can     everything   
Coloring  color most in I make up red keeps  not  have   color      the rest of them  are just    them         left to eye slit not    for color
      Left to
              Mrs left right left to color been in
  Beam growing  scene    is  bee culture   hips   shoulders flow bib eye slit feel  scene    the not understood     Too color i
      Thank god it's not me slits  craving bee craving   
                     Craving right   through
     Left right       
                      forget   ending on    live the     to the no end   
No end and above all right  blowing like its meant to be
             craving  right     and     
Craving     above          all discontinue the current moment   thank god I blew  all it time I blow it best and or breath    eating you out   early you

But me most of early up  
              up with smile
  last to the end of blink at least 
          all the same
      In blink       lime the rest
Of them   I it full 

              And or     Give piece a chance   
       Forget      peace  forge  and eat what's in front of you

Taping out  in strength
Eat every given in strength
       Because your owed this much
               Forge         forges  pace no more but a peace or post or pout     the choice is yours     
                the  about the other view  is pew and forge   and post reviewed plow mouth hollow end feel shafted   and     pewter
                          drink a pint
      lean to tolerate lend
And give?    most  no end and above most 

              Forgo and or forget to    to receive I it full breath  in full 
          Because     because
The orphan been to much I and not enough
                         Well it is you know    

               It was arms and finger and minds and eyes  and earth  and toe and her  and her  and him  and this and arms and fingers
            Lean to tolerate  fire if it makes scents
                       lend firing peace and pence and pout to

       Well      because the manic is there     for a moments glance
        Plead  the best of them to the right side       thinking words do not mean what they do ?    it has to be the lost of them  in retrospect     momentarily    peels as appropriate   and must be 

       What plant does not need hole to grow
                I it think   for a moment     A majestic fence this guild   
          One must build a guild to think it seems and take this I  in most of all   .

                 has built to pant  both legs 
Some just one leg       pull up      wear the scene
         I it full   with phone and mix tapes only mix tapes are     so last volute

No bones about it

The velvet life  I don't see    yet
           Because the mother is cooked and has played by the rules
       I it full breath out and in
  run  it    taking it on both ends and satisfying quotas  with mouth and eyes

          given nothing    the whole  time      the sun has kept the rules
                       O merciful leader secrets 
                    telling all    sold to    you single eye so that its your duty to play the others dumb
                  In    order      to feast and
       Eat          and eat big  and eat most behind the plain  you've made   
           given to me in  plain  
                  So that   the order   witch  I see is it in      in
Is on plain         on the menu
  order      the plow candied menu
  the turkey candied  I  the bout canned  behind the plain      
   The roast countered Nelly  bouts belly bout boats sailing hard tacks  

                              Skinny jeans and Vita preps     do their worst on que
Bellies boats are savory sallies     when it's island kept secrets on you knees

        Most of all
                               But no one like small talk
And the I       it gives and takes   breath
Sometimes breath hole covered     sometimes she doesn't need  my que  cock glorious as it can be

            behold    soothing breath as seen with most length and mostly legislative no-men-clay-native  punctuality  with most I like to taste her to

        To feel there
      and the   It     not be measured
Is to be holed

    without it being holed with lips feeling like they know to when
                 And Fucking me the whole time.

Friday, July 29, 2016

What can a pound measure?

The pound must speak to the ought or the groin    and the moment     hair loosing hair  sparrow   when feather matters or because this is the future glue your own hairs  shave your hairs
                       Stay young?
               the pound must speak to   Catering presence    
Salivate Neanderthalic means meager
Mean meaning cost    blanketless blankets  deceptions      too old to cure these wanting    wets    #horny 
               yet      salivate to Dia Del memories
                       Salivate to deliver
Done was picking sides a century ago 

    House kept no thought   thinking of color and not holes     beading noughts       
             Real house thinking color is suspect
bending to  pay holes       paying for  the  when it's  holes paying for holes   larking upon holes filling hole
  paying  in full for holes    one pays
    For holes
       beading for holes selling for the holes filled
               Or rather pilled in pro pig antic nomenclature   selling holes   filled   in color yet the color does not cut it
                      And it is  not color I'm talking about  
             The pound must speak
Even           even with 

With old peddle tape measure blues and older shrill
       with young metal     not knowing and or forgetting how to mend.      Your right  is old    

   Mind bead horse upon the string that was made
                   a small bit     put between control and the manic Faustus      you've been felt the cards they say you are.

    Your young     young metal   played and playing and young     played as young  

                             Kept  in castes 
          Beam deal  the lost is    beaker bought in moment movement
                  ( The alchemist needs time too  like bread     but time does not)
   typed arcade downers diapers too
        in memory    best in Mary drapery   diapers disposable 
      and lost in Jesus          beaker
                                          and most of them
More moment please
      deal the card scene please
Deal with the real scene please
                                 And or buy records and lose your phone         tell people you have lost your phone and have bought record
       Tell people you have lost RE_cords  manipulate people into giving you reorders of you      loving egypt 
          Loving everything 

          The pound must speak
faking love       and or loving love and
seeing ought         and or you  
   and or you
         loving kept        
recorded selling you       you to them
       And you to you    

                      The everything else is
Everything else waiting
The waist your don't won't    discarded  waiting  dealing with the
                   not for  everything      else
The waste       your don't want awaiting labeling without true eye squint and moment  and yet the part of you  that will not  in I'll bought
            Can not
      The pound must speak         and love without measure     

                           and with her

there is everything else to consider   

                              Beaker     black or whit

            They can,      i can    it can
ocean        an ocean of memory 
      i can it can  itch-can  grasp-can the body does not comply_can    is canned
The skins do not comply,     
     The group does not comply
               They can

                                 we're         be dealt with
With color scenes   with    chantintic  ring shaming  too on the it to see its too

        To it     to
morning scenes  and manic ones   torso heart   notice this most of all.  And do not    flowers swaying regiment it pleasantly    or so it could say       (not me but them)       and scene.....
  I felt your     tour words in  loose tone music   prone negligence
           in naked colors   the return is pure and sold in music        a musaic product of past tense        
                  when  you say them  without
Musical  instruments and recording they disappear. And the camera artist is busy collecting flowers      the political    post script is busy buying everyone.

                           While blond girls are loving the dude living the thing that happened a moment ago.
The pound must speak for the ought or the groin and both  can be a tool

                             Both speaking, "no harm pithy body,"      and mother pelts      not her
But her and her and he and the most in cut with cut love cut live cut

                         letting young metal know what mother needs  living, loving

       And living cut.

Both speaking.
                 And the       he pound  she  pound    wrote   pound Whit  pound do  will   pond     in beads       

         in beads  and string. The selling of them is  consequential the making is the difference.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mirrors mirrors in the wall dizzy dish bought picture script of I


Monday, July 11, 2016

Because fractions because your face

What pout     in pour does spring spring
       And sun downing grow a bloom
  The cars drive themselves

       Into movie focus seas   
                                 And bubbly toes              
                                The pound has loose
In sigma eye             and long Rs   
             i wear glasses too

And don't pray to the obvious nowear wear gods'   talent  ed
And wearing     everything

              Saying everything is good

Is good as gone is good as copper still can be       copping still
            As got
the emotion    like give     as  god is good as gone when one castes in win

Awaiting tables turning     for cash.
Casted grab skins   casts as good as wine casts
Selling for fifty lives a bottle         That's not to say so good yet
A uni_demeted delicktional derelict

         a    Constitution with bad skin

Blued after the sun growth posture labeling not included      

Is the only liable label blaming everything else

   Wanting good skin     and jaded

Have we been grown
Have we been sown
Die castes six sides and sold and or
     If following
dawned as berries
        Frowned     as scents  and skins castes in barrels
                                   The movement of Saturn aged in barrels
            Mixed with rubbing alcohol

And bottled  and because the god is merciful      
sold     in bottles      the kingdom is neat at length and nigh at loss
                                        Thy word is they measure       Their     your word is your measure it's         would is its' miser
            Metric     because

What else
Because fractions

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I bought a plastic ... you know that hold y shit

Sup Dude,  yet mother of Fuck
         running everything g
Then g    the g    is going ga   GA  best    of them          I don't need to push for letters need to push     is going with out letters and time and need to push for letters on time  and earn     opened mouth if money

Cock if cock        and  soil it bad
If most is real and      most if breath is truth    
          however bank
                       Somehow manic    

Your in every wolf to me
Out was      
                was given to all of us in  majic
was majic 
             is majic       we did,    yo mofuk   fuka                      the auto correct was J in stead of g. But the language of books is change.     Two notebook cents Do
Not the oak crumbs leaving bubbles of sense from your perspective  .
     play tho as you may. On lime.
Every day candy lip struck cool laid.

            Europe don't do it.  Me Again. Do go there yet again

                 A gang  a grow a gant
Add to dictionary
           the thumbs move to stone    can't exist drawing letters     I misspell  the pandering.   To a Tolstoy_ic phondering does not)
            a level at birth ( no wo.m on  new cry)     
means so they don't decide    
                           An auto-correct tAlking koi nt  point
     (drained ) design  
                       Speaking for me.

Could it be just         
    The mount ahead of  head
                   Of it         as Kahn 
And his hunger but not his bought. ..

The sounds are not Noah..
                       Bought and or but    but

make a ship that  can sail kabalah strings dj without them knowing  and if found out telling of the       of the one S victims raid sober child Silverman   killing the ones that are there
                      Not      didn't get the
at the                      more   eat the fill you did

              the other not you her her
         Living. Loving their wives. Curing the blinded sides of the unknown to the best of themselves
                               what is don't in blanket scent    flipping for the feeling I need.
                       you don't     the best of them. And IT Needs to be Jared      
        With the new trial
trained In the best nest cake
           the kale

the hips move without a dick and pussycat           
                             (I want to say boulivarde)
   Capitol Rand Blake  a blink and remember     your mother loved you

                   And it's you are
         Your dick 
Your dick that  sucks 
            Your mat        that     mattress
that mates your mattress is what matters.

                                       The peck of pickled  Freud means a picked Fuck of fraud. With hung Sadie's close her eyes give...
         ... ..            .

After words a breath of whack a mole.


Friday, June 17, 2016

So. Too_apartment storage (insert letter)

House is earth
                      Shit in this corner
Or shit everywhere
          I don't need Babylon tower but I don't need      need cage               and the measurement of a leader is what happens after he,    If we're honest, dies.
    Gelatine sanctuary for the ones in the loop    cheer at            behind the line and gain a moment's notice.
      To be opened to the other is outcast.
                 Whatshername     Fuck is she wearing?
   The afterlife is spent with the leader in hiding, worker bees pleaded to saint fucking saint
             sick with verve leading saint to massage saint    
                     of her idea       is either saint or sin
       her idea alone is saint? Hisalone?    
What is is does      is death is   done the next thing is what matters

             The worker bee forcibly lead
Leading needs      blood to manage.
         Cultured and living in a pixie dish cross scripture best dream
The Only Way To Fly
                        Living the life they sainted

What a game.

It is the occasional   we     I promise
             How does one live without sigma
And ritual       the only way to tap
      Tap into them  the story goes and boast the right  is glaring
Tap into her and see the darkness  defence she's learned and dare the out one
         Tap into him and old the toll flute best she is the bearing
                 Tap into star gut eyes without his cute bend it is  there and cloning
     Tap into nothing gut reach post hole
Rat the world is starting
                             Tap in to lift hole boast loaf precinct raft the world is bearing
                                                  Tap into its don't hole, lift cove, bandit bright and daft it boat bland sinking?

      Tap into tandem rose, tote caller
Tarry near, soul food    button don't sea fairy lifting
           Tap into bandit bright the starlight dark room   plug the points so husbanding
                    Tap in to tonsil soul in roast
The messy throat is soiling
                                        Tap into don't  like press pin       and free
                           the positives are eyeing
       Tap into sought and silk and tea
The rest is raw but searing

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The older I get to longer I stare at leafs

The older I get the longer I stare at leafs
          And taro has the back deck
Sitting Coffee table           coughing colors long past away and  not yet scene 
            Butter biscuits in morning air the stomach does the thinking mind off and tailored    and or tired and or both
  mind  high          have it delicately    
           Open the mouth not to death

   We shake it fast and dare other to watch itself.
           Or lip culture is alive and the Well ran
                               service industry  back      mind high
Orwell said the only thing I owe death is to die_

            Coughing dark lung and bad teeth
Well eyes alive and ran.
                           Pull my nerves system and braids  come out.  I think it's the same for everyone

                         Braids like that one
Looking like it likes to be looked at
           When I think we're all just waiting on jesus

          Or waiting   On  Jesus  pouring drinks for Jesus       misspelling in excel for jesus parking cars for Jesus
Selfies for jesus    and   loving thy neighbor for us.

                      And lip culture is alive and well
        mind high watching self making other shake it fast

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I add olive oil to everything

Dear Greece  O mother
      dear lover and land of many ways
You have been matched at worst
      Unknown parachutes rest in hidden corners packed like Republicans pulling cock breath testimony
        Ironically  Not wearing     Verti_brae  sucking  on man nipples lacking the milk to feed
sucking there own cock   for life
                The plight of priest without olives
Too much    mixed      wine

     White washed and bane

                   There or rather here lay the gods of spirit Truman's pride
      Look how I love without olives
Like it   or next your boat varied beneath          

    the blue and white curling tangles
    of her       she  that can not be described                her the unannounced she
Her tangles magic love
    She   Politely       in English     known as

    The sea

Takes it  All beneath her skin.  When Lax the  thought of we
              And thinking again we could sail her
     On her back a pure bride moment
The live        eye sea      of sailing is contagious with olives.
    Bay Blue leisure  most with olives and the burning of oil politely known as light

       Dear Greece the lies are at it again. Casual dress bandits    casually cocked
        Your word is your bondo diss-spiritedly 
Binding  filthy edge to filthy edge.
   Your bowl cut doesn't matter
    Your banquet doesn't matter
      Your mow hawk doesn't matter
        Your Nazi flat short ear doesn't matter
           Your spread eagle blonde babes with Buddha eye slit bread and butter drunk slits craving yes 

               red skin   blue skin yes
saying yes     
        Pink lips cock ring yes
                      spread eagle to yes
moaning yes in the dark yes
        Proving yes
               does not matter without olives.
    And in turn she again can not be described
         Dear Greece the masons care not of the stone
Plug stone upon stone plugs upon me upon me upon stone upon me upon me upon stone upon
        Fuck you
That's why?

                   Dear Greece o mother, "no harm on thy bodie," s. Have gone through hell to tap upon glass with light noise to seek out least ness blog.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Continue d cave

Way all course of it. You are near the wrong. Or

For it is I that has loved you.
I love the thing unknowing it. Not knowing is the only way to fly as flies do banking window
Then forgetting window
Then banking window

My eye connected to your eye
    I suppose      but my heart was staring at you boob's

     Unknowing it is in again   the best of them dinning  like Kahn's on a table of drained bodies

        Not knowing is the only way to fly
As flies do.

I stitched cave shadows on my contacts at a party then crashed the party

     One guy stopped me and told me that I had to leave because my fake shadows where ruining the real ones

             I told him they where contacts as he mimicked my mouths movements
        I told him they where contacts
He said 'That's too long' and that 'I had to go.'