Thursday, November 5, 2015

I care about the postage

Kill how  if lost if lost is best
         Fill      what neeeeeeeeed
                  Savior as car drive way
Soft move feel this move.
                    I care about the move
I care about the clothe of life and what it means to wear it. 
                I care about what people allow me too.
                  I care about the postage kept.
And mailing is for the absent post.
Deliver  ing       what can be exceeded
Excited excited  existence telephone
       Cranked noise pence salivate
       Deliver me most of them.
Because i
See it.
                            No one does.
                                    What are they doing?
      If we could we?
                        Withpositon     in calacoulderic clouds of mist  if  you could?
           W              can            belt
                  W can           send       the visual.
                 W can not ex tend
W is no one         one is the same.
               Thats Shit     
When did we start worship ing        calfs     instead    of gods            ?
              I didn't but        did     
And did best 
            I didn't          and you did
You didn't       and I did.     
                  Who here       has       a crasanthamom              
                            True      the number   
Or what is this
                                     It was said  in ice
Live and let it
                                 Be the fire that melts
         Be a sought      said in  passing be a dance       Be a said
         Be a bought       Be a boast.
                       Be best of you
      Now      yes          and      best     
                                Then is now if you want it.          Can be nose   with a period
        Smelling  now       before       like piano
             Like        dose of pill       
Like lame        Like           salivate       I'm dosed       one      and         it.
                Like          a Bush        not knowing what    word is next
Like       bulb belly             
          Fuck the Shit     see it grow    calm
Like see it all     whither in a stance
I nedle nestle nestled quick
                             Sound moves   Like a phone.
                     Cells       counter    quickly
           What the fuck is cancer?
I just though up.       And while marshmallow     severance savetry sound   
       Wrenches     bolts      that matter
                     What I'll move out side   the other
                            Am     a  mazed      meant      calm              said with temporary breath
                            What do you wake with?
Coffee         good call.