Monday, December 30, 2013

we are animals/ the difference between reality and examples of reality

we are animals       at death    in the end we all lay with our own piss and shit
we are not angels         fallen dogmtic nomads 
   pumped at leisure          trembling before the unseen Fuhrer

          lacking in path or prevalence 
shooting believable fiction through vain and vaults
             thought to be ours alone
      and even the greeks had actual lightening to fear
we are animals. watch your own eyes
             as the cycle    doubles  spinning

  spinning minor octaves           doubling Orwell

             speaking in real time
             speaking of dirt devils like 

                         curved shovels mining miles of thought
on paper and between his fingernails
                                  doubling our chances       so that We could
double our chances
we are animals           be prepared to stop

we are not angles             to be measured    in length and weight
           we stand in lines          
           we buy umbrellas on rainy days 
           we forget the reasons why it rains

and its varietals 
we are animals   animals that counter
      clockwise and the anti-clockwise

          some of us were told to fear

the difference between reality and examples of reality

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

or dyslexia isn't a bad thing

happy Xman:


      what best to celebrate christmas but with a story


       jr.s berth then with a video.
one that is telling of Christmas miracles bleeding from
all the  bells   spreading the christmas cheer.