Sunday, March 30, 2014

sailors/Apostles/and truck week

it's better to be bright  then rendered 

it seems
       a blue bank      grayed    rind in lemon fashion 
its' cat walk   magic     like the kind we grew up with   dizzy 

makes you rethink the kind we grew up with
  if sailor mammoths eat your delights               no questions to foam

 and fawning is inherent

like a saviors tailor tailing         mouth closed 

     no surprise but what you design
the Apostle meant to scribe not interpret 
          a slave is made to deliver    

                      the devils name   his receiver 
mouth cocked  opening the floor named desire

         a lie is what the truth can not afford

and change         is taxes cutting prose
to process a safety                secured in cuffs 
   both links and the ones meant for hauling 

its truck week        and the keys are awaiting  contract

Saturday, March 22, 2014

the color of your jacket

a passive deed surprise   outside
       the getting up is the hardest part

             a done deed    an exponetic  time piece
       clocked rankness    the money is coming in and there is nothing else
to fuck   collect and own

a wafered spectacle    ad/hoc   the nouns Will measured
  ledgers pulped and kissing

whatever can be kissed
the verbs to  transubstantiatic
dilettantes  fat and hungry       eating themselves
          eating the way they've been told
eating cross pence'd prodigy
                  because your In control

and the god of your mother has room
       as if the color of your jacket had sleeves    room enough to grow
yellow cleaves      obedient  in moon and dark side

unmoved   a passive deed overlooked

the land is where we live and the walking is how we get there
   forget your measures  

the old way need not apply

Friday, March 21, 2014

something boh

fight you    a winners circle       like rain checks in lampshade gratitudes
wearing main dog name badges      in   soup can sanctification    lip synced eulogistic mesentery
    a pulpit   in perpetuity    

   the pepper corns must be refilled

 shoulders squared in      inches of air    

       eyes wide blank what is next    
i just want                              want a whiskey and soda

the calf will mule the utter    when  shaking gaps   means butter

kill a need by killin that need           kneading purpose  its' strength
depends upon it. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

social relevant seas

living landward wonted  wonton trackless cracklets in a plastic bag
no rivered companion           read it longways
  hands spread     separated and busy

 you could have bought cleaning supplies when a knock on your door
springs son-belt singapore tides       drawing you to circles

                  giving everything when compelled
and     compilation

surprises  as social relevant seas   rise
         or more appropriately fall      a standard test

fair and balanced

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

the cosmos in 1's -n- 0's

i saw your green screened manifesto      of truth and experience     lend yourself to fancy and anything is possible     your truth  skirted icebergs /camera /action go go go   stand you        your worst stance  in   theory pixels   security's cleared    and pen (there wasn't one) dripping     pleated ink     plausible      you  laughing the hole time     because that's what i call it     theories digging holes   like the 80's    bright like Mercedes buttoning everything      explaining nothing     its useful too   when told or captioned           in production       explaining the cosmos    in 1's -n- 0's   greened            as if we needed another discovery where Everything         could         in theory    possibly    may   be known      or    get real     or    get the fuck out of town    your gut grows as you behave   addressing taped stances             dissvoweling flight                                so that i could discover what you almost know     could have known     as if the knowing was important