Monday, October 26, 2009

Review on "Strict Joy" masterfully routine

I came across, The Swell Season's new album, Strict Joy the other day and instantly pre-ordered the lp from their website- During the first on many, listenings my favorite quote from Whalt Whittman came to mind, "Arouse! for you must justify me."

The follow up release to their unblemished Once album/movie, to me, Strict Joy seems masterfully routine. If I could ask them a question it would be, "How does it feel to be in complete control of the song, and therefore be able to-in every way-manipulate it into its own prefection?" One possible answer could be left to Neitzsche, he says, "In muisc the passions enjoy themselves."

If you liked Once and then forgot about it, shame on you. Luckiley for all of us, they did it again. Hope you check out Strict Joy, and enjoy while it kicks you butt. I did.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Between the idle talk and angled precepts I sip a clever wine,

Between the idle talk and angled precepts I sip a clever wine,
Getting close to strangers becomes easy with wine and sooty air,

Passing plates to hungry guests, I see the server's shirt tail,
They work on their toes for cash, and they live for smoke breaks,

Hatching ties and drawing lines of conversation is hard when I see pain,
In the tentative eyes of a server-showing mileage on their backs and shoes,

If they wear their hearts anywhere its on a hanger in the back,
Valeting their dreams they check their shirt sleeves at the door,

But dusk dawns a whole new night to gain back their verve and spirit,
To let them claim the dark air for their own justifications, I tip well.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

To the peerless set of stars I see,

To the peerless set of stars I see,
I do not pray a mystic plea,
Believing that my tones will give,
An altered view of the way we live

Instead I view you cosmic two
In ways you've shown us to do
Silently giving a calming stare
An aging light I too will bare