Thursday, December 22, 2016

Magic is easy and persuasion is to

It's a party so wear what everyone else is wearing        fit in to relax do what I say to be free                            do what I want you to
     do think what I want you to think steal your soul for me wrap it up easy bow and set before my feet      to feel
  Smile it's me the goon with the gun.  I know what I'm talking about     my Feet never touched the dirt I swear I'll save you from     use two inch words it's what everyone does                  the problem with death these days is that one doesn't die the goon just sinks others into the blank    
                Others eyes opened curious and listening    because there's noise    being board with a curious eye and a  closed    mind       Is all it takes to take       Having a gun to your head  like a joke and the flag reads            I am I am   Be back in five


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Goat cheese

I yell as it yells I toss as it tosses too and frow through it  all the while the growth is it on color   while having everything       I dont      The point takes its own down        dragon hole into the dark out side of     color because the dark is too yes        Context ill    considered             
      Structure undefined         but we and she is yes to and from here.  
            The blanket is      blind        can see if feel can.    The boast can see two feet nests if all             and the mind mound sees all it can                     to be punctual feed back it's strength and weakness all the same so there is some          Having

  sorting of mail to do.   Some               favorite pants on a rainy day                some clever dance while hand screen dances too               Canon clay            some decades past I'd be singing to the wine casts being too stone to be real.            And I know this is too blended to be a good wine  

                    The goat cheese has lost its value and I am lost.                  

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hello to it/ you

Hello to it/ you    through the finger lap upon lap of laps of death deaths gripping it's plastic death toned cylindrical stick    lapping sun in sparkle red lipsticks races caking  in creases between lip open one and lip open two  flapping   dead lips      and eyes              according to           accounting   ...the death worship makes its move to 
eyelip music manic tone depths tone deans....
                 Hello  it /you
Don't add your my or my you to its  no and or not yet but no any way it goes...

        And what about it
It doesn't matter because your wearing you lipstick and my left hand

                      You your garden breasts and me my no means no coughed up a decade ago in my own mouth I own it all
            You your t_shirts you have in drawers folded neatly you used to wear wore once
                            Me tskirts worn under button ups being quiet because that's my job

                      You later skin zs' faults of yes and no the way old cartoons used to do it    self giving into strength means space uninhabited while breathing in.
The space inside of you is not for

               Me so it's not for me but that doesn't mean I don't like you. Again.  there are parts of me that get along along again  

                                       And while we smile I look at my phone and not you  hello to it/ you