Tuesday, May 21, 2013

dedicated to the greeks

your contraptions are
           my contraptions

and the labels peal
and peel

a blasphemed vagabond flacked
altruistic cheetos

in the mouth

and the eye on my elbow sees everything
your conceptions blind

and rob the blinded from all their sight

                                        your worth it

or can we

undecided and groping

me at great tits and you at the finest replicas of


images imagining     in real time        what it means to

hang a brown striped mexican blanket on the wall
covering an opened window

and used in the past to rest
hazel irises

            that prefer to be closed

watching ribbons of light through trees

in the park dedicated to The Greeks

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Blow me with your vegan dimples
You will elaborate
Condescendent centipedes before tea
And afterwords exchange
                  mediocre vowels
And distance changes you
A fast forward in time when it has been right now
The whole time