Friday, January 27, 2012

swimming primitive

I sailed your severed skin savour

while smiling.
cupped hands

catching telescopes on time
like juggling Alvarez

throwing stones
at the temple gongs-

to quench what swells

while breathing. I could surprise your
mouth with mine.

follow touch

with touch
but in the door way

flounder-swimming half faced

into the sand
swimming primitive

the way i learned to do.

you couldn't make me flip
but that doesn't mean i can't.

Monday, January 16, 2012

the difference between here and there is
the tea I used to drink, during double shifts,

at that restaurant we all hated working at.
I called it the trinity;

mixing black tea, coke, and coffee together
made everybody's lips curl downward

made mine move money into pockets
to buy drinks

when the slip resistant shoes

were hung dry.

now I just drink and remember
what life was like when I didn't give a damn.

twenty three and taller,
twenty three and fucking like

the wold will end if we didn't.