Sunday, July 13, 2014

bug them/remembering/how to forget

doubled once       a double dance racket

     came as once  
                                  as the first corset in course
i could           help you in a second

breathe deluge     intro   drape-lings salted to Court

                       the opening is business       busyness cured

heavy on the salt and the lack of worlds between the one
         wold self  song bird damned        a water serving others

              drinking a thing....
well it's kind of like when nasa  publishes blurred squarish things and calls them
keel      the words makes sense to me       to define
                          the lack of words     needed to define a thing that no one sees
and heels lend   when you bug them

listen to the klent- ta-klut

let go lines and wear a broken t-shirt

i forgot my mind in the morning       a moments awakening
          silver  blame an eye lashing for the loss of gold

spend an hour in recovery      coffee              stigmatic stimulation
       an hour to smoke       just to recall the       dreams         lineage   and
how to forget it

 to simulate participation

Sunday, July 6, 2014

living in another room for rent

 i'll bounce a blue bird 
 beatnik dandelion    if i must          for life
            to live
                 cold card            play it warmed

or alt/loan  the eyes      loose      and gain in submission surprise 
       an easiness        
   i cleaned my clothes in the same house    as i sleep
unused     a page unturned               
    and     i've read a bounty in Laundromats  
i've sat and the    best i could have done is study
           remaining calm while the feathers roll        and pages turn

and therein lingers a middle to be reached 

           and anyways its low class   
just living in another room for rent