Thursday, April 30, 2015

keep it current

i whittled an utter
              you did the same    per chance
a life cans to its can              will Its' disheveled palindrome

      the most          wont its contention     the most
believe     its'    passion    the most

keep it within  the rug

    your good

  party down the sale lap divergence

                      prayer gods do what
                                the prayer gods will do       whatever right?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

lasting 3 minutes

the ship     the  cat walk and the river
needs no calm

               she curse  and sees the dark canteen
your foul
the least of these
                 its left to the most     one   has only breathe
the rest is scene        
                and the other     we all are                     search  for
in sound
         sound  a wreck   passes  with every     wreck

             what is   wreck wanting wick   a fire wonting out
wont wanting wreck wonting wont wanting wreck
       awaiting greek thought whithout greek and   thought

lasting 3 minutes

       then                     do what thou     wilt        

? preface

broadie raccoon was born a-brushed      like dental floss
         flicking unwanted fecal matter unto the mirror to be judged
later  and at a moments notice
                   when your out the door      you look upon the self quickly
life Is what it seems      
         fast conclusions are most important in mirrors     in a hurry       one shouldn't  linger
                        a thought came and went but the most  import     ant
thing is past      
     and there for



                    does   no

does   not
                     does  not
is not mat
                       does not mat
is not
             does not matter

Monday, April 13, 2015

shooting the shit on a sunday....something about hands

i was sitting linked in self  and hands
              babe like       fetal stye  in the midst of everything else
     the light       was somewhere      doing something
    i think        
when the thing i was thinking about was    the thing
   then    wasn't                   when seal sails dance among the chased ones
                   and there is always the other polsterguestic melancholy
in ledger because it must
i realized               in mid breath
             an ego     destroys what is loved in order to sleeve is own arms
fingers clench boast best of all
in spite of everything else

                              and the waiters are the simple?
or what is missed when eyes widen to a moments ferric passion
     but broken plates and missed direction               words out

like  argue means everything the color of drunk
               but with thought     (its complicated)
i thought      a breath taken means more      amidst everything else
     then fetal hands      thrown           the smoke staked fingers lost their calm

        and anger is la te da           be it     your self?

       later   i watched a movie about space    it felt like the same thing
and i thought i was thinking the whole time

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

the sky is now...

i wont to       shake
      like shake it off        a knows  bleed sanctuary
where little is known    

      and affect plays the keys            wilco blue

          the sky is now...     what'd  you say    
                     clout and cloud are similar hungarians
wondering                          between eating the spinach or growing it

                           the mouth opens so easily  how can word compete
cock and mortar     sealed between the wet works
       cock and mortar               the difference between fuck

  and      what could be described as
             a middle school playground make-out pleasure cruse

behind the swing set     before the first real boner    
          beyond what      in mean s        
          placate the first fuhrer      and the next
(good boy)
                 computer          mind telling you    
 right from

           and let the real stand    
circle seed as the moon    
                     change you change we change youchange
shouldchange       change me