Friday, July 29, 2016

What can a pound measure?

The pound must speak to the ought or the groin    and the moment     hair loosing hair  sparrow   when feather matters or because this is the future glue your own hairs  shave your hairs
                       Stay young?
               the pound must speak to   Catering presence    
Salivate Neanderthalic means meager
Mean meaning cost    blanketless blankets  deceptions      too old to cure these wanting    wets    #horny 
               yet      salivate to Dia Del memories
                       Salivate to deliver
Done was picking sides a century ago 

    House kept no thought   thinking of color and not holes     beading noughts       
             Real house thinking color is suspect
bending to  pay holes       paying for  the  when it's  holes paying for holes   larking upon holes filling hole
  paying  in full for holes    one pays
    For holes
       beading for holes selling for the holes filled
               Or rather pilled in pro pig antic nomenclature   selling holes   filled   in color yet the color does not cut it
                      And it is  not color I'm talking about  
             The pound must speak
Even           even with 

With old peddle tape measure blues and older shrill
       with young metal     not knowing and or forgetting how to mend.      Your right  is old    

   Mind bead horse upon the string that was made
                   a small bit     put between control and the manic Faustus      you've been felt the cards they say you are.

    Your young     young metal   played and playing and young     played as young  

                             Kept  in castes 
          Beam deal  the lost is    beaker bought in moment movement
                  ( The alchemist needs time too  like bread     but time does not)
   typed arcade downers diapers too
        in memory    best in Mary drapery   diapers disposable 
      and lost in Jesus          beaker
                                          and most of them
More moment please
      deal the card scene please
Deal with the real scene please
                                 And or buy records and lose your phone         tell people you have lost your phone and have bought record
       Tell people you have lost RE_cords  manipulate people into giving you reorders of you      loving egypt 
          Loving everything 

          The pound must speak
faking love       and or loving love and
seeing ought         and or you  
   and or you
         loving kept        
recorded selling you       you to them
       And you to you    

                      The everything else is
Everything else waiting
The waist your don't won't    discarded  waiting  dealing with the
                   not for  everything      else
The waste       your don't want awaiting labeling without true eye squint and moment  and yet the part of you  that will not  in I'll bought
            Can not
      The pound must speak         and love without measure     

                           and with her

there is everything else to consider   

                              Beaker     black or whit

            They can,      i can    it can
ocean        an ocean of memory 
      i can it can  itch-can  grasp-can the body does not comply_can    is canned
The skins do not comply,     
     The group does not comply
               They can

                                 we're         be dealt with
With color scenes   with    chantintic  ring shaming  too on the it to see its too

        To it     to
morning scenes  and manic ones   torso heart   notice this most of all.  And do not    flowers swaying regiment it pleasantly    or so it could say       (not me but them)       and scene.....
  I felt your     tour words in  loose tone music   prone negligence
           in naked colors   the return is pure and sold in music        a musaic product of past tense        
                  when  you say them  without
Musical  instruments and recording they disappear. And the camera artist is busy collecting flowers      the political    post script is busy buying everyone.

                           While blond girls are loving the dude living the thing that happened a moment ago.
The pound must speak for the ought or the groin and both  can be a tool

                             Both speaking, "no harm pithy body,"      and mother pelts      not her
But her and her and he and the most in cut with cut love cut live cut

                         letting young metal know what mother needs  living, loving

       And living cut.

Both speaking.
                 And the       he pound  she  pound    wrote   pound Whit  pound do  will   pond     in beads       

         in beads  and string. The selling of them is  consequential the making is the difference.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mirrors mirrors in the wall dizzy dish bought picture script of I


Monday, July 11, 2016

Because fractions because your face

What pout     in pour does spring spring
       And sun downing grow a bloom
  The cars drive themselves

       Into movie focus seas   
                                 And bubbly toes              
                                The pound has loose
In sigma eye             and long Rs   
             i wear glasses too

And don't pray to the obvious nowear wear gods'   talent  ed
And wearing     everything

              Saying everything is good

Is good as gone is good as copper still can be       copping still
            As got
the emotion    like give     as  god is good as gone when one castes in win

Awaiting tables turning     for cash.
Casted grab skins   casts as good as wine casts
Selling for fifty lives a bottle         That's not to say so good yet
A uni_demeted delicktional derelict

         a    Constitution with bad skin

Blued after the sun growth posture labeling not included      

Is the only liable label blaming everything else

   Wanting good skin     and jaded

Have we been grown
Have we been sown
Die castes six sides and sold and or
     If following
dawned as berries
        Frowned     as scents  and skins castes in barrels
                                   The movement of Saturn aged in barrels
            Mixed with rubbing alcohol

And bottled  and because the god is merciful      
sold     in bottles      the kingdom is neat at length and nigh at loss
                                        Thy word is they measure       Their     your word is your measure it's         would is its' miser
            Metric     because

What else
Because fractions