Thursday, May 7, 2015

its not about shoes

i had time to be practical       Inn

at a blink of an eye
                 culture is captioned in
                           its own   clichedic tube sock
pulled way up  
                              high tops are prudent within   its self

         and play o    prudence play

  steps    will  step     or  rather   lead        best in   resting      high atop
     the other perch                          learn best there        

 and with a certain push towards the light
      settle there       in self

and    the land has its own breeze          
                         while the severed cock   with key
       )lower case key(

  rests contemplatively        in the hand

labeled most important  

          i flash it flashing a network of tv picture       flashing beard at yourself

the will laid     to restless       nest   point your best toward what satisfies

       the always
then now the always
                                             the hand  allows us this beauty

the hand allows us corn when we play     along

i     I            i            I    

the difference     for you     is yours