Friday, January 16, 2009

winter vision

in the summer months of our lives, it seems, we are willing to look past the stout, or varying demeanor's of others personalities and enjoy the vast bequeaths of the sun together. maybe its the higher then normal levels of vitamin d that gives us the ability to concord with strangers in the sand or a field at the park; or perhaps it just simply being able to go outside without a wealthy amount of shacking from the cold. but in the winter, with its naked blue drubbings and sarcastic misgivings of light makes it impossible to enjoy a strangers presents outside.

my hypothesis is the body is defending itself against eminent death, exposed to the elements, and therefor scouts every possible excuse to leave the current state of absolute cold and head to a warmer state of being. and in the near death experience, i have found that i only see someones repelling and unkind expressions of themselves. even in the tiniest cracks of moments when one passes another at a glance, i'm unable to achieve anything pleasant. no one is to be blamed for any miss-connections of love or lust, right? in winter, the cold makes me think only in absolutes and with tunnel vision. i call it winter vision.

the dilemma and embarrassment of being increasingly bulky, depending on how cold it is, is unnerving in itself. personally its the burden of coats and gloves, the constant removing of and bundling on that agitates my other wise zen like ego. also, the disconnection from another person caused by wearing layers and layers of clothing stifles the aura, and i feel cut off-unable and unwilling to see who the individual walking in front of me really is. o' the undeserving cold curse of winter, what a bitch.

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