Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I woke up bored yesterday. seeing all there is to see in life through my eyes-through boxes of media. the difference between staying in bed and walking the streets alluded me. until i read this passage in, Dave Eggers's What is the What,

"On the morning of the the fourth day, I woke to find a boy named Jok Deng peeing on me. He was among the first boys to lose his head in the desert. The heat was too strong and we had not eaten for three days."

the power of perspective is alarming at best. having only a few outlets to view the world, our fields of vision buffer. only allowing sections of pixels at a time.

it may or not be weird to read such a horrific experience from a narrative, and feel better. in a modern culturally narcissistic society-i guess-it isn't weird.

the type of sun that rises between our shades every morning, in detailed light, will eventually feed us in the modern world. with our bellies full and cuticles clipped, we live like kings and queens.

and flags of honor we so proudly, and dramatically thrust into piles of silly hardship-claiming triumph-amount to little when someone else is being peed on.

but life is subjective...i guess.

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