Wednesday, March 10, 2010

stay or go

The body of rules, augmented by my ancestors compels me to stay,
To trim my beard and tell no lies,
It calls to me and I pretend to care,

A form fitting coat of arms to appease and maintain-of copious decay,
In time I'll learn of Fates surprise,
If duties will call, and intentions to bare,

But grown in its place, with only embers of talent, a dreamer, a bard,
A contestant of Fate,
With ill-contented eyes and busy fingers,

Will the statue erected so pure and clean cry? Will the embers so chard,
Fan the flames of my state?
Or weaken to dying cinders,

A call for a move has taken its place, the Coral Shrewd imposed,
He has stood his ground,
An incontinent wine decanted,

Poured out and free to merge with the tasteless air-reposed,
He will splash and breath unbound,
Free to change un-recanted,


  1. I've been reading your poetry. It is wonderful!

  2. thank you very much. I like your paintings as well.