Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The well dressed Apathy takes the bus...

The well dressed Apathy takes the bus headed uptown
with the boys, Cursory and Chance-

chasing girls and a free ride. Using the back
door they always find their way

into the pockets of Luck,

walking in with shoe strings
undone, bagging table scraps, while

tying up loose ends with the one really in

charge. Abusing their fortunes, and walking out
with whatever their knuckles can carry;

these three, grown tall by affect, smile wildly
in the trail of their impassive bane.

To connect outside the fold is cautioned,
feared at worst, allowing the prognostic

smell of mumbled words repeating
soak the air and

leak into my now undrinkable wine.


  1. Very clever and creative piece! Thanks for visiting me Rob!

  2. thanks! it's cool you put pieces on 'jingle' i try to every chance i can. they have a great thing going there. i do read your blog often, your work is genuinely balanced-between fun, serious and in between, it's great.