Thursday, July 7, 2011

you own a strength inside of you

Ambivalent! screamed the risky night,
you tried to fill your bones;

with nothing more then cups of wine
to drowned the shattered stones.

close your eyes while the music plays,
and throw the bag to them;

to see the lucky winners eyes, you won't,
their broken, sotted, dim.

you expect to find what your looking for,
between a Pabst and Bullet-

or cater to him bathroom stall
snap a shot while you pull it.

beat them all to the punch line volley,
and they will forget your face.

cower like you've learned to do,
and drink to forget the space.

Or recognize the fading light,
that led our race thus far.

built bridges passed the broken rocks,
and channelled burning tar.

built time itself, to laugh it off,
and tapped the tree of thought.

you own a strength inside of you
and it's not the one he's bought.


  1. beautiful.

    eloquent delivery, thanks for sharing,

    you rock.

  2. touching, thanks for linking.

    check out short story slam week 8 prompt via my post today, you may write a poem and share with your peers.

  3. A very nice bit of writing here. Well done!

    My second offering for this week: