Thursday, March 1, 2012

ties, the know and tunnels

I imagine life's sown sanctuary
collar tied around thieves

tied around the planks of wooden

they use to corrupt

and the horny stones tied brightness
they throw at slaves

blinding hindsight
to see the know.

And the slaves who answer
their wounds with wounds

for the know.

the know that can't be known
unless the dog has been walked

first to the street corner where nightingales

the allies with their hair
and breasts

for cigarettes and the know.
i imagine

this from the angle of a beetle
who is starring

at you
starring at me

and the know that eludes us both.
the beetle is trapped

by size
we are trapped by size

and the tunnels
we hide

tunneling southern rocket fuel
tunneling salamander red
tunneling to keep the fire's fumes
at bay.

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