Saturday, February 16, 2013

held in contempt of rouse

Held in contempt of rouse

the tower will always burn
and billow
and boast

in measurement.
a movement in treason


condescending valor
when valor means prowess.

a moment passing before it can begin
life is really
                                 a game of cards

and pedaling can't get you to the corner
were blood stained shivery

stands a chance.
the level playing field is next

but not yet. the spread is vast
spanning the length of seas cresting excused
and no one is responsible.

the Be Attitudes are like old growth forests
no one goes there

except to clear what can be
                                   (willing or not)

            to make room for the progress

cutting the lid off of an already opened container
spilling in the Gulf
                             feeding shrimp buffalo bills expiration

But it feels ok
as long as something is going on...

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