Tuesday, April 9, 2013

when was the last time you saved a ladybug?

could tomorrow be the day where the tiles tend to themselves?

leading one behind the other 

or America fuck yeah...

lending themselves

to what could only be described as an

and meaningful annulment of plight familiar
unburdened in thought and thistle

                                you feel your own pain

it's helped along in its passing by 

and defining meaning requires the simplest of guidelines

         i've always preferred green over red
even as a child

building traps with string to keep the fists from finding

an easily turned doorknob
made for adult hands

to turn. 

were we all raised

We are the rules

                     can make them 

as the wind blows between beasts of buildings passing cloudy days

i've stopped killing bugs

choosing instead to take them outdoors
bites be damned

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