Thursday, February 13, 2014

of californ

of californ   your nature is your virtue     your horizon is the sea

      feel your length and let it not be defined
                       here lies   a threshold   a suture and thread mid tangle
          a wordswoth sonnet iv of iii 
 beyond are words we have yet to speak

There    lays a fervent creature
        its essence disturbs  pythontically

              its belly in dark dirt-the skin of space
tongue eclipsed    seeking sense
            its Others        realistic      as it seems
                     Black and White

the essence pocket beat            as it can be scene
        or rather read
in  sacrifice        hair tangles in depths unseen
          frightened by color in depth

  of ambisonic ambiguity     shoulders shrug   dissonance
a universal smokers cough

of  california red         of   calories lost     & of toads

of californ         the black not  black enough  

           limping on the same crutch its fingers are
that is to say peeled                    legless or otherwise impaired

the white  gated malibu  street envious in street
gated in temples       or templates              between temples impaired

                an other wisdom               gated

to be white

defense is nature when  arteries blank
     its essence unclear

there she showed me a blade of sound

    a lower blade,   as it seems,
cows grazing tersely    a brand wearing things without tags

         from dusk till dawn        a callus on the other side of fingernails

a blade Whitman would enjoy
of californ what is your purpose

        Its essence  a ladybug in my head all winter

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