Wednesday, April 8, 2015

the sky is now...

i wont to       shake
      like shake it off        a knows  bleed sanctuary
where little is known    

      and affect plays the keys            wilco blue

          the sky is now...     what'd  you say    
                     clout and cloud are similar hungarians
wondering                          between eating the spinach or growing it

                           the mouth opens so easily  how can word compete
cock and mortar     sealed between the wet works
       cock and mortar               the difference between fuck

  and      what could be described as
             a middle school playground make-out pleasure cruse

behind the swing set     before the first real boner    
          beyond what      in mean s        
          placate the first fuhrer      and the next
(good boy)
                 computer          mind telling you    
 right from

           and let the real stand    
circle seed as the moon    
                     change you change we change youchange
shouldchange       change me

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