Saturday, December 5, 2015

a passive project

a passive project 
    sit still you maker of mute 
                        And remember the other

blind the aura  in mess 
                unsent pride   fern leaf
          stretching as high as it needed to
the orwell passives'  join the valley flank 
     crony clown  
                   agressions in forgetfullness 
 or just the loudest moment at the time

your mute does not herd  picket fence around your shoes
              limits the ankle       your ankle alone
  does not 
        feed           as you think it does.
                 a passives' knee print  when kneeling 

                      not a wake    directly 
 for the sake of wake

         Passives for the sake of pleasure send vowels that can please in spring courses if calm can carve the calf maons
         calves bland and blinded by Sounds 
                                louder then wolves
Post other wiser  
when fate is blind and has only ears to find its way
thats not to say scream      and scream first
       but breath first and care not of its poise
                 whose flesh is this anyway?
  the i a singularity in spite of we         becoming ought 
                    an eye orphaned      its other   
 closed in blink perhaps
                the opened one  
      a uniformed segregate 

          a paraphrase          a disco    
famed    with one eye closed. 
                  defined by most as whole
or at least thats all we get 
                whose flesh is this anyway?
the passives' meat its mince 
         the closed other forgotten
                         and the moves go to the loud

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