Monday, July 11, 2016

Because fractions because your face

What pout     in pour does spring spring
       And sun downing grow a bloom
  The cars drive themselves

       Into movie focus seas   
                                 And bubbly toes              
                                The pound has loose
In sigma eye             and long Rs   
             i wear glasses too

And don't pray to the obvious nowear wear gods'   talent  ed
And wearing     everything

              Saying everything is good

Is good as gone is good as copper still can be       copping still
            As got
the emotion    like give     as  god is good as gone when one castes in win

Awaiting tables turning     for cash.
Casted grab skins   casts as good as wine casts
Selling for fifty lives a bottle         That's not to say so good yet
A uni_demeted delicktional derelict

         a    Constitution with bad skin

Blued after the sun growth posture labeling not included      

Is the only liable label blaming everything else

   Wanting good skin     and jaded

Have we been grown
Have we been sown
Die castes six sides and sold and or
     If following
dawned as berries
        Frowned     as scents  and skins castes in barrels
                                   The movement of Saturn aged in barrels
            Mixed with rubbing alcohol

And bottled  and because the god is merciful      
sold     in bottles      the kingdom is neat at length and nigh at loss
                                        Thy word is they measure       Their     your word is your measure it's         would is its' miser
            Metric     because

What else
Because fractions

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