Tuesday, April 20, 2010

wishes and tree pollen

I open my mouth,which
buys me some time,
stalling until something to say
comes to mind, but

nothing comes out.
Binge drinking cocktails of wishes and tree pollen,
keeps my head swimming

and throat dry. Lacking the balance to walk
through the lines,
and the vision to see through the shit-

i'll stay quiet.

I envy my windshield; freely washing
itself clean, or staying dirty
and content.

But even he is controlled
by unseen fingers. Twisting wrists induces
him-he obeys.

I used to like the trees, thinking
of them as noble creatures

with life giving talents, until their
seamen coated my eyes,
lungs and faith.

I close my mouth and taste
their sin, their guilt
but I say nothing...
Binge drinking cocktails of wishes and tree pollen.


  1. Thank you. That means alot. Thanks for joining too; I'll try to keep it interesting.