Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lentl soup pt. 1

Do you remember the cast? It was
you and me.

The location was 10th and
a half, At a time when

The Lonelies had
favored a smoke break, and the chair
to my left to be empty.

We sat in a field paved years ago-before
it was harder to love. In a nook

of the city painted with fake age and labeled
itself to be genuine.

I asked you if words
could rhyme, if they said their prayers,
and only ate vowels with soup.

You said it didn't matter because Lent
is over.

And, now we can eat whatever we want.

I smiled and smoked,
to clear the air. A rough bunch of
words came to me,

unshaven, with sticky teeth,
poking my tongue-and I

mentioned the weather.