Thursday, December 9, 2010

There's no bullshit in baking.

I put down a book of Twain's just
to read who's new thing
gets me what I want,

now on sale for a limited time.

I asked permission to blink
for free but was denied, then charged
a tellers fee.

With withered pockets and shallow souls
I can only sit and wonder

what a Twain is worth these days-

when no on knows how to
make bread and a buck and a half
can get me fired.

My fingerprints being chosen for me,
I played it casual,

measuring wishes

and deciding to count in months
instead of days, items saved for
when it rains.

There's no bullshit in baking.
You either have it, or your eating

dry cake and lying about it.


  1. Awe inspiring poem. There may be no bullshit because we eat our mistakes.

  2. There's no bullshit in baking.
    You either have it, or your eating

    very fine tuned words.
    beautiful sentiments, masterful writing..
    rock on.

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