Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vague is the sound of confidence

Vague is the sound of confidence. Stealing
cliched tones and buying time form
the only guy who sells it.

Vague is the opposing alternative to silence;
it keeps the breath fresh while
clouding the air.

Vague does not care, after the moment
has passed, who's life was just

Vague lathers, forgets to rinse, but
always repeats.

Vague never disappoints.

Vague should be shaken before used,
and chilled when not needed.

Vague is the color of the Sun, when I
am asleep, dreaming of coastlines
bleeding from the stars.

Vague are we in the night.


  1. Simply beautiful, quiet, meaningful thoughts, resembling the sound of a piano, soothing the soul! Bravo!

  2. Hello, how are you?
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