Saturday, December 29, 2012

posh sleep wear in other tongues

what if we could fall in love
                      with the word love?

like loving pillow cases

                                 instead of pillows

love spells in poplin tailored euro sham

and its reversible...
for when your low on quarters

and you could have two!
one for the head and one for the chest

and/or knees depending on your preference.
         because its always good to be as comfortable as possible

during hypothetical spoofs of word play
playing 40's

like your twenty two...when your twenty

or playing indian poker...(its the one where you don't know
the card but it on your forehead and everyone is laughing)

Because if we could fall in love with pillow cases instead of pillows
everyone gets laid.

and instead of paying for the cleaners; new ones would be handed out
for free...

like contraception
or like the french do it...only its different in french

and learning all the slang's a bitch

and because the people are different

                     its impossible
to really translate meanings

especially in english, because i hear its really easy to speak
once you get it

but really hard to learn.

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