Sunday, December 30, 2012

not following the recipe

I wish i had kissed you.
to taste you

when you offered your most defended offerings
of flesh

and self

believe me when i say the word True, because there is nothing else
except colored plastic  _________.
                                      because, as of now, that is the only thing on sale
                  what i mean to say is thank you
but that wouldn't make sense without telling the ones who are reading
the what, where, how and why;

but setting sounds gently beyond what can be reached
in moments lived

in the moment

is like assaulting a kettle
singing precipice

in the only language it can scream
shivering contents

because the heat is on

was flipped on...and we both like to eat with our fingers
                                     and you where the one who could have turned me on

turning thoughts into thoughts

like accountants cooking book
and the flavors would have worked

if cooked properly
but thats my fault for not following the recipe

but thats what i'm good at
I'll Open with That next time. 

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