Thursday, January 24, 2013

tell me what you really hear

this is the difference      between woes
its soft core porn on cable

where soft core and porn
have nothing to do with it.


it is the rewind button on a remote
removed due to a constant thumbing

and we all beg to relive what we all deem relievable

sometimes i imagine a life with tree branches stemming
adumbrate silhouettes

except all they can see is the shadow
or the idea of a shadow

after hearing a joke for the first time

and you keep walking with the image of the shadow
but with the feeling of the joke.

what i mean to say is what if

everyone who can
gives all of their unwanted-fast-forward-ed-moments-

to-heavy-to-live-themselves to a life divided

between eyes that can see and the shit it has been given

accumulated button depressions

estrangement                              perceived regular

estranged to all that have given


the many into one

the One stands as many and unto them-self
a single life.

This is the difference         between woes

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