Friday, July 12, 2013

a poem for those keeping us behind

i could draw a line facing eastward
pointing inward and moves as freely as

stray cat tails

in dispassionate grander
a line
serving a single breath

that resembles respired nomenclature
inspired and electric in love


as archaic as

                bleeding wrists

i could draw a sign blaming saline cloud
subdivisions for our lack of confusion

about confusion

a sign the could convey its meaning boldly
breaking bloodlines

                              and files down
lengths of chains

spanning farther than current lines can crawl
the good news is that we are forgetful

          and         will forget you
as soon as you are gone

i could write a poem for those keeping us behind
a poem

that tells of Nouns who were afraid of snakes
and so in sought

with on eye closed to
ruin the world for all of us

a poem that passively runs down the spine

                  like sanskrit in color

or cartographers sketching gold

                     drink and be merry 

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