Monday, July 22, 2013

smells like team spirit

kiss me
your song is on
                fill your need with filling substances
made with reel cheese

forget the now     forget the following

  forget to become forgotten
breed your miss-breedings beneath a millennia of light
            no longer scene in the night
due to traffic in the sky like
crossing whitecapped crosses

         or bled out rosaries           working overtime
like centurions flicking cigarette butts 

onto burning bridges                 wearing head dresses
smelling like team spirit

       i'll frame my epiphany between your epiphanies 

in order to breath a moments air 

              when cradled centricity is tax free
and need no longer chased by need
 needing influential 

                 centimetric calenders glued to vases

as we Behave

the need to kiss     again 

again      and again

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