Wednesday, September 18, 2013

courting partial

blaming your eyes         in rebel green
   for sites not yet seen

i think about a city that owned me

       we only thought  we drank the streets as well as the others
different scenes draw       different seams

        walking past       a past in conflict with sediment    
like a manic mason throwing dead stones at old thrones

to keep time    my armer is changing     yet so is the sky

and you        and me        quoting lines    just to recall

recalling fairy tails      breaking down

the reasons why we wear pants

you belittled   the ballet      broken        due to you

          not watching it  

the shallows are now deep and the way      unpronounced
as a stapler stamping

easy-does-its in protest          as a nights sky darkens
               because its supposed to           right

and what to do when the lights are gone

drinking machine envy     the senses     courting partial
and blaming everything on the future  

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