Monday, August 5, 2013

Lost amongst the purple

Your hand prints made stickers on my wall 

Blue bladed soliloquies     dancing among the cheapest tones on color
Evidence of a will temporarily satisfied
Obligations of the In    speaking Serenity's secrets

Whispered to no one    not even me
Outside of the visual
Lost amongst the purple          and eyes closing
To the slightest gestures of release                    partially resolving

The northern lights crisis and
Attending to
   Whatever makes you tattoo yourself
It's stabbing
For justices sake

For all the breaths that have left you           taking more than their share

Left you     Still        inside your self
   Subsiding a madness
                       tearing you from you

You          forever needing more

From the cats who can speak English
But choose not to
And a little given it those who can not

Believe in the other thing
            Your first impressions are not
You first impressions

And            no one really cares  
That's somehow    a good start

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