Thursday, November 21, 2013

channeled musing

''i want to electrocute myself on london boulevard and punish the rain
with reason  s

splattered across cross streets
affecting traffic''          she said       crushing bullets

and camels   like the end of the world was a decade ago
and chemical symphonies are in vogue

                   holding a few bullets of my own i thought i'd let it slide
like a public school swimming pool slides

affecting childhood                  
                                  into my mind  splashes and everything

her     speaking in Simples and wearing the bar like a good pair of jeans
              and to think, i was only speaking of the possibility of change

when confronted with          what seems to me as     channeled musing
only there are no captains and we run when we want to

i said, "you can electrocute yourself when ever you want     but the doctors don't recommend it,"
she turned,         in such a way the wind looked back, and said,

                      "ol boy, a doctor is not what i need."

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