Monday, November 18, 2013

sports and drinking

i drink because the turning signals used in navigation are dim
and ocracy isn't a word by itself

and this is america                      drink for yourself

sweat for yourself  and deny yourself                  the pleasure of today
for the promises coming                     tomorrow

       because this is america

And    if not tomorrow then     surly            the next day     or
the next day when     the next best thing came and went

    'and it came to pass'       it came to be consumed

because this is america

 where the next thing is alway the best thing
            because this is america

'thy will be done'     because this is america

your fickle features favored     in america
     pickled to perfection    and delivered safely as of yet

and history is clear     even the rocks are not infallible

i drink because         in my opinion
to pray in silence isn't praying at all  and even if it is

they are all kept underground under a cross-length fence
kept  behind an eye

behind an undergraduates degree
behind the sand lot   playing for snickers bars and the right to

wear a different colored jersey during the same race

everyone races

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