Wednesday, March 12, 2014

the cosmos in 1's -n- 0's

i saw your green screened manifesto      of truth and experience     lend yourself to fancy and anything is possible     your truth  skirted icebergs /camera /action go go go   stand you        your worst stance  in   theory pixels   security's cleared    and pen (there wasn't one) dripping     pleated ink     plausible      you  laughing the hole time     because that's what i call it     theories digging holes   like the 80's    bright like Mercedes buttoning everything      explaining nothing     its useful too   when told or captioned           in production       explaining the cosmos    in 1's -n- 0's   greened            as if we needed another discovery where Everything         could         in theory    possibly    may   be known      or    get real     or    get the fuck out of town    your gut grows as you behave   addressing taped stances             dissvoweling flight                                so that i could discover what you almost know     could have known     as if the knowing was important

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