Friday, September 5, 2014

right now in the yard

                before i pick the ponds of my nostrils  

beveled  at a squint    bored       boarded     flicking
off    dead drat silken sleeves             of melancholy/

                  i think of         70's blond hair and nixon's nose
knowing nothing       outside of what could be buttoned up

        and the discourse that follows both trains    

when people care to look     pores in a blended wine   changing in
eighties keys

            this again?

an elephant is still                          allowed its trunk
          the ass       isn't worth its boat        

broad back bending monetarily   and
when was that not the case

                               when cases carried remedies  instead of

         remotes     mindlessly tasked    
      repeating the same task
ground    contra flashlight  

perky breasts   my eyes wonder why i wander
without them moving

or maybe i should just change.      

change lawn chairs      or something
of something else making a difference

chairs        sitting in grass
                          growing indifferent to it all  

it overgrowth  
consume it all

Lot     a Siamese term
                      to be granted
                      then bet against
in untold loss
and gains                 

1 comment:

  1. I don't know, there's so much going on. Broken thoughts that complete themselves, yet leave themselves open to interpretation. You've got an interesting style.