Wednesday, September 17, 2014

the got and the gone

it      or rather
the moment        flooded my vainness excitement

at the thought of the got and the gone
it                fired  red and white  a kiss   consume

         leaving in leisure is an offered please
when the decision lacks empathy
     or when it won't make me feel
       when it won't make me think
       when it won't          make me

when making is process no one wins    the not is pleasure

a cure for this is to not take things      seriously
 and by things i mean light
            and by take i mean be
what i mean to say is
            spiders are everywhere

and being bitten isn't the beginning
                   the bite a welt on my Achilles heal

tooth mark      a spot   and two        in dry skin
   a fingers itchier  chrysanthemum  

and time  will do what you've been told it does

semantically        remember hating time
i remember time
                           remember breath is given   even when not wanted
i don't remember time ever wearing blunder pink
   calling it style
            she wore it well and i was the different
we were


  1. Interesting poetry, man. Keep at it.

  2. thank you. thats cool if it makes you think, i'm always down for a discussion. pretty sure the email is posted.