Friday, October 3, 2014

point abridge

peek your causality    let it be wont
lend you a valley passer   in brief  believed to be right
   by those thinking the same thing
and i wonder what its like to be warmed
caldron and kettle the same
                                                a real flame passed with Lennon

within a comfort chorus   bird callings answer bird
no contention  

the only thing i know for certain is that people
when cautions      take        remember sound or such

and sound being everything
      what is forgetfulness                 everywhere

   a certain consciousness allows such forgeries
if a finger stretched to the unannounced belief   understood as known
reach backwards    a dance in forward spin
                                         feel a true feel

                                                 life can not be in the mind
 when the known rests peacefully
                    a cycle waiting for no one
life when it doesn't
 a cycle awaiting cycling
the beard grown  leaf       at Fall     awaiting browning
    the cold is yet to bloom its bone
 peek you a cycle up and down
and i am awaiting the day when a bone toe dances
the down curve  nomenclature     and grows instead of dies
         and in this moment    one could feed causality     to the dogs  

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