Thursday, January 8, 2015

where words go after we say them

you know that one thing you were talking about
   it was   big    chalk upon green slat        og style
     you know    important
               you    thinking  
           or so you thought
it was kind of about you  but with all the other things you wish
mindlessly followed you around  -       
                    handing you      your relevance       upon demand                
        your such a cowboy these days   corralling big       and cows
takes only nawhs and whips                     these days

          -   saying yes
                             and when you looked at them they were
already smiling      
                              because they understand....

that part of this    is fleeting    like the other has
            the other a kind weed         could be
grown out of work itself      building towers to the unseen
   in purity        the other a sound   repeated by birds and trees
counting winding   itself  and nothing else
                              and at last look   is beginning to
resume its most exceptional attribute      in leaf            the leaving the most
      for a least approach       after resting  of course
              and that is where words go after we say them

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