Friday, January 30, 2015

i lay a lake down

i lay a lake down like bread crumbs  
i lay a lake down       seeing just           just looking
       crumbs     and sight trailing    as i lay  a lake down
like vinyl pavement
on the kitchen floor
                      bank the till and let it be rest
in times of sutra
        a suiters feathers rise and fall in passion
                   deliverance was   letting       wearing easy street
as if  doing
doesn't do   like bread crumbs         all be it bread

            i've   well     you have too

as i lay a lake
down the self will go       its body      its feelings mind notes
         being of notes  what    of time   as copper beads feel pain  

amount the self     not for a moment's acquittal
     may i guard acquittals like bumper cannons
playing to the sound of free bird
     but for the moments terry        as it does
            amount the self      

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