Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I bought a plastic ... you know that hold y shit

Sup Dude,  yet mother of Fuck
         running everything g
Then g    the g    is going ga   GA  best    of them          I don't need to push for letters need to push     is going with out letters and time and need to push for letters on time  and earn     opened mouth if money

Cock if cock        and  soil it bad
If most is real and      most if breath is truth    
          however bank
                       Somehow manic    

Your in every wolf to me
Out was      
                was given to all of us in  majic
was majic 
             is majic       we did,    yo mofuk   fuka                      the auto correct was J in stead of g. But the language of books is change.     Two notebook cents Do
Not the oak crumbs leaving bubbles of sense from your perspective  .
     play tho as you may. On lime.
Every day candy lip struck cool laid.

            Europe don't do it.  Me Again. Do go there yet again

                 A gang  a grow a gant
Add to dictionary
           the thumbs move to stone    can't exist drawing letters     I misspell  the pandering.   To a Tolstoy_ic phondering does not)
            a level at birth ( no wo.m on  new cry)     
means so they don't decide    
                           An auto-correct tAlking koi nt  point
     (drained ) design  
                       Speaking for me.

Could it be just         
    The mount ahead of  head
                   Of it         as Kahn 
And his hunger but not his bought. ..

The sounds are not Noah..
                       Bought and or but    but

make a ship that  can sail kabalah strings dj without them knowing  and if found out telling of the       of the one S victims raid sober child Silverman   killing the ones that are there
                      Not      didn't get the
at the                      more   eat the fill you did

              the other not you her her
         Living. Loving their wives. Curing the blinded sides of the unknown to the best of themselves
                               what is don't in blanket scent    flipping for the feeling I need.
                       you don't     the best of them. And IT Needs to be Jared      
        With the new trial
trained In the best nest cake
           the kale

the hips move without a dick and pussycat           
                             (I want to say boulivarde)
   Capitol Rand Blake  a blink and remember     your mother loved you

                   And it's you are
         Your dick 
Your dick that  sucks 
            Your mat        that     mattress
that mates your mattress is what matters.

                                       The peck of pickled  Freud means a picked Fuck of fraud. With hung Sadie's close her eyes give...
         ... ..            .

After words a breath of whack a mole.


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