Sunday, August 28, 2016

I remembered that I forgot to remember the time that I remember that the milk is needed

           when I saw that I     had   I
I'ed become responsible  if I it I'll do        I it'll  do I  and did  and do  it best or    I it  ill and I'll say its weird                    for the I spooned I  it's mouth so that I could    it and I could Merry you and me         I it not ?     it hot    it not       I when not                 it is   not is       too not and it  so not   so is it        when no   
                               I    it's roots  is I obviously  smiles and everything.    I it's I when it    it      when is it not I not I not it     it   I not  hot I  it  not it    I    it not hot I it not is I  is         doberman     dog leader dog
I think they say alpha dog I the alpha dog I do this          and I  
                             does not believe the I I when I say that I is Darwin's I   when I I  it     I
And in the best of I it opted to    congeal    it's I        it had until time  had untill    now    then  the then is now and I is now and I have until I and it       we 
I remembered that i  forgot that   the milk was needed     
There is so much present  and or now if not and  if not  It  if not codex   if not continuance in presents  given to you when the I can't see or speak between things   dandelion    growing everyday.          when the you know you  the you knows    it doesn't     the      Is'  become     eyes     when I  and

     Its'  make eyes      
see each other      I and now         presenting     the visual present    it's not I  but I and you know     
                        And this is where i leaf you      because its fall       and    you know           cold                has nothing                too

        it and     with 
And     and with present      present you    
    has it      of course         

        the only mouth in gift     what light     the lit   candle  i           i   blew out   because you know            so   that out could be    out         i forgot its before so it       it's  I  and I did

                          and  wants  when now and you  and now it candle you
        When it's blowing out and on  is really a matter of     breath
I really   
                                  i mean every every ?     blow       below      what I currently mean       I mean blow       what I currently mean              I need to breath a breath        between blows of course with Buddha eye and or not     and or 
salivates to every  rubbery lover
     every robbery lover        every Arod 
Lover         ever  muscle lover   and every          and         and  lover  and     every      home  run lover rubber     rubber is plastic rubbing you       rubbing it
   loving Rome runs    and easy smiles

            Live this I love     you           live and know the difference,      when one is lost
It is  commercial          home runs and every    thing  you really can't tell
              The I is only belt when fuse
the decision       and known the    digital fuse  when fuse

     is             burt out in mid song
You had to go to the  fuse box and even then    it was easy...
lover  leading to free I for sir  I and tubing it     loving Rome      and  laying it      you  
                Free lay you     your   you            it      in I   the exhale                and take it captive 
And take it now the strong move obviously        weakness  death it        with you             not killing    while killing  something else

Loving Rome                  take it?
                               keep it soundless in a soundless nothing     total territory     

            Light steal never  before seen  Scene                       bewilderment   death  I needs breath     obviously
               It's  sack  keep and rape and kill and keep        give it silk        and sow    tunic     and rape              and tell others you have sown tunic and have    been gifted          you'd   which are described as I | ' | S   |     HAS      am    
you came upon the stump?,

                            so that you can dose it when when              I  tutor feel lime it    
    The time is right              Lead
                 by hear,
Toddler shorts

                             and cool shoes wearing jester knocked offs
       The only door that mattered
             Mattering  Meeting every last thing thong
S means kill everything else
  But now play      when play in dart S   when smiling   darts  with a lover   darts   side beside       my present 
                                 Gifting Jesus i loob         I and I     it sacrifice the sacrifice         
                         IS pleasant    light jingle jungle there are wolves for some of us  eating the is that don't matter 


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