Thursday, August 4, 2016

I sold I as as is to the lowest bidder asking the highest price

I  it full breath leave the rest to bum
        I took a pic of me I know what is what full breath       full breath  
            Like the rest of them 
And later    I   bumming I
       Hard capsules to see in color lasting
   In unkempt plaid I it full breath    and laid in ovarian peace breath leave   
I  Bought  and loved
An apology      I it full feels good as app                 feeling good   scrolls  bearded breath  bearded in sand because the quilts are coming with swords cutting red   
                         the hole time
   canning not  I  of course but o      as o can
  O  Can   can     everything   
Coloring  color most in I make up red keeps  not  have   color      the rest of them  are just    them         left to eye slit not    for color
      Left to
              Mrs left right left to color been in
  Beam growing  scene    is  bee culture   hips   shoulders flow bib eye slit feel  scene    the not understood     Too color i
      Thank god it's not me slits  craving bee craving   
                     Craving right   through
     Left right       
                      forget   ending on    live the     to the no end   
No end and above all right  blowing like its meant to be
             craving  right     and     
Craving     above          all discontinue the current moment   thank god I blew  all it time I blow it best and or breath    eating you out   early you

But me most of early up  
              up with smile
  last to the end of blink at least 
          all the same
      In blink       lime the rest
Of them   I it full 

              And or     Give piece a chance   
       Forget      peace  forge  and eat what's in front of you

Taping out  in strength
Eat every given in strength
       Because your owed this much
               Forge         forges  pace no more but a peace or post or pout     the choice is yours     
                the  about the other view  is pew and forge   and post reviewed plow mouth hollow end feel shafted   and     pewter
                          drink a pint
      lean to tolerate lend
And give?    most  no end and above most 

              Forgo and or forget to    to receive I it full breath  in full 
          Because     because
The orphan been to much I and not enough
                         Well it is you know    

               It was arms and finger and minds and eyes  and earth  and toe and her  and her  and him  and this and arms and fingers
            Lean to tolerate  fire if it makes scents
                       lend firing peace and pence and pout to

       Well      because the manic is there     for a moments glance
        Plead  the best of them to the right side       thinking words do not mean what they do ?    it has to be the lost of them  in retrospect     momentarily    peels as appropriate   and must be 

       What plant does not need hole to grow
                I it think   for a moment     A majestic fence this guild   
          One must build a guild to think it seems and take this I  in most of all   .

                 has built to pant  both legs 
Some just one leg       pull up      wear the scene
         I it full   with phone and mix tapes only mix tapes are     so last volute

No bones about it

The velvet life  I don't see    yet
           Because the mother is cooked and has played by the rules
       I it full breath out and in
  run  it    taking it on both ends and satisfying quotas  with mouth and eyes

          given nothing    the whole  time      the sun has kept the rules
                       O merciful leader secrets 
                    telling all    sold to    you single eye so that its your duty to play the others dumb
                  In    order      to feast and
       Eat          and eat big  and eat most behind the plain  you've made   
           given to me in  plain  
                  So that   the order   witch  I see is it in      in
Is on plain         on the menu
  order      the plow candied menu
  the turkey candied  I  the bout canned  behind the plain      
   The roast countered Nelly  bouts belly bout boats sailing hard tacks  

                              Skinny jeans and Vita preps     do their worst on que
Bellies boats are savory sallies     when it's island kept secrets on you knees

        Most of all
                               But no one like small talk
And the I       it gives and takes   breath
Sometimes breath hole covered     sometimes she doesn't need  my que  cock glorious as it can be

            behold    soothing breath as seen with most length and mostly legislative no-men-clay-native  punctuality  with most I like to taste her to

        To feel there
      and the   It     not be measured
Is to be holed

    without it being holed with lips feeling like they know to when
                 And Fucking me the whole time.

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