Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I woke to an alarm too calm to cause coriander fiddle riffs to roam unattractive giving    porn angle prances good light in chance and wine calming good wife views  a good wife blues               Enough           tones are  born lucky band rights  becoming       left overs too old to live well

Then remembered

                 Wrinkled chin faces own you         double chins make the deals            and palaces let you get away with    everything-Democracy       

A caution to your comfortable

                      I woke up to a shower and the nights dark    it's in your court      because I work nights and because          there are earth quakes everywhere so it doesn't matter whether or not the sun
                          god bless him.   

Is out or Orians' belly is    
                                     One has to die to be sainted.     That is to say    Wake up        Now    and wake up wired        Wake up tones and awake in your bones      the lucky dice    wake up and     do it for justice         do it         friends         do it       for fingers                 endangered by ends     

do it for fancy pants       and countered trance              do it for left over     bullets

Destined for shirts hiding hearts and livers    knowing nothing of our not and now for they are new and could in time grow strong

   Wake up so that the knowledge of your heart beat is      no longer knowledge to you And them

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